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Bui Lab is going Green!

Bui Lab has officially received 5000$ funding from the Sustainability Projects Fund to help us go green and be a McGill pilot study for glass alternatives!

Bui lab is also the founding lab for the GLI@SAD team and an active member of the McGill Green Labs Initiative (GLI@McGill) Application #GL-001: Bui Lab, Sustainability Project SP0265 Green Lab Expansion https://www.mcgill.ca/sustainability/sp0265-green-labs-expansion

GLI@SAD goals are:

  1. Make a BIG plastic to glass switch for all serological pipettes in the Bui lab and the majority of our petri dishes

  2. Start an SAD share room for all overstock/accidentally bought/inherited but not needed material so labs can share instead of ordering more single use items.

  3. Start an SAD composting initiative for the 4 main graduate student eating areas

  4. Green-ify the Bui/Bechstedt lab office space and lab space by removing as many single use office supplies as possible and re-buying only the refills for reusable alternatives. Then get certified as bronze level for the sustainable office certification program.

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