Lab Members

Khanh Huy Bui (Full CV)

Assistant Professor

Canada Research Chair in Cryo-Electron Tomography

Huy Bui did his Ph.D. in the lab of Dr. Ishikawa at ETH Zurich on cilia structure. Afterward, he joined the lab of Dr. Martin Beck at EMBL Heidelberg and revealed the organizing principle of the human nuclear pore complex scaffold. He is fascinated by developing new EM methods to understand the structure and function of complex macromolecules, in particular, the structure of eukaryotic cilia. 

Shintaroh Kubo
Postdoctoral Fellow

Shintaroh finished his Ph.D at Kyoto University. During his Ph.D., he worked on molecular dynamics of motor protein dynein. As a postdoc in the Bui lab, he is working on understanding the mechanism of microtubule-associated proteins on the structure of the cilia.

Shun Kai Yang

PhD student


Sky was born free with curiosity towards the natural world, and he wishes to dream free in this mortal coil without chains.  Sky has been pondering mysteries of the universe by playing test tubes since childhood.  He met prince charming (Dr. Bui) and decided to do a Ph.D. on Cryo-EM of ciliary assembly mechanism. Sky is pursuing career in biophysical research, filled with endless questions, just like the blue sky without limit.

Outside of research, Sky challenges the whips of time by swimming, cooking with families and friends, and professional photography (


Melissa copy.jpg
Melissa Valente

Reserach Assistant

I completed my M.Sc. degree at Concordia University with Dr. Zerges. I studied the in-situ spatial-temporal localization of photosynthetic complexes and their associated chlorophyll pigment during the chloroplast biogenesis of Chlamydomonas. 

I was born in Canada but my heritage is Italian. I am introvert so I don't have very many hobbies; I like to read, grow my plants/garden, and paint, I am also very family oriented. 

I obviously love science, enjoy research and learning new techniques particularly related to microscopy. I like photography and I am very artistic so microscopy plays into that. What intrigues me about the lab is the level of resolution that you can achieve with cryo-EM.

I also have a passion for teaching, I enjoy helping students learn about biology but also about themselves and what drives their passion.


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Corbin Black
PhD student


Corbin obtained his Master from University of Northern British Columbia under Prof. Stephen Rader using crystallography. He is now working his way to be a cryo-EM expert in cilia structure.


Ahmad Khalifa

Master student


Ahmad finished his BSc degree in Computational Biology and Genomics at UST, Zewail City, Egypt. Inspired by the founder of the city, the chemistry noble laureate Dr. Ahmed Zewail, and an immense curiosity about the biological diversity and the baffling ecosystems on our planet, Ahmad decided to pursue his studies in biology. Biology, however, has gotten increasingly computational, and that’s where Ahmad’s greatest interests in research lie; he likes to apply computational methods to structural biology problems, modelling, and mining of biological data.

Daniel Dai

Master student


Daniel is a proud Chinese-Canadian from the beautiful city of Winnipeg Manitoba. He did his undergraduate degree at McGill University completing his Honours degree in Anatomy and Cell Biology. He has been at the Bui lab for one and a half years before starting his Master Degree in January of 2018. Daniels current research interests include the axoneme and using proteomics to elucidate the components of the axoneme, specifically the central pair and doublet microtubules.

Katya Peri

Master Student

Katya is a fast-track BSC-Master ACB student at McGill. Her main academic passion is science and during her time at McGill, she intends to learn as much as she can about the fascinating fields of anatomy, biology, and biochemistry. Katya hopes to include research as part of her future career, which is why she has chosen to join the Bui lab in the summer of 2018. Her goals are to learn more about cilia as well as the innovative projects and revolutionary technology being used to decipher the structure and functioning of these minuscule natural machines.

Penelope Neocleous

Penelope is from Vancouver, British Columbia. She is a fourth year ACB student, doing her honours project in the Bui lab.

Emily Wheeler

Emily is from Ontario. She is a fourth year ACB student, doing her research project in the Bui lab on characterizing of Chlamydomonas mutants using PCR

Zhe Fan 

Zhe is from Edmonton, Alberta. He is a neuroscience student in the Physiology department. He got a McGill SURA award to perform research in Bui lab in the summer of 2020.



Muneyoshi Ichikawa (Postdoc).        Current: Assistant Professor, Nara Institute of Science and Technology

Dinan Liu (Research Assistant)


Ivy Hsu                                                  Current: University Health Network, Toronto

Vincent Hsu                                          Current: Japan

Reid Rebinsky                                       Current: Medical School, McMaster

Joshua Roccamo

Padraig Harvey