Welcome to Bui Lab @ McGill

The Bui lab is part of the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at the McGill University and the Facility for Electron Microscopy Research. The research of the Bui lab focus on the structure of macromolecular assemblies using biochemistry, cryo-electron microscopy, and mass spectrometry. In particular, we focus on the structure and function of the eukaryotic cilia.

The Bui lab is part of the Centre de recherche en biologie structural (CRBS) at McGill University


July 2021

We are currently not looking for any new students for Fall 2021.

You can still contact Dr. Bui if you are interested in the lab's research.

Jan 2020

Avrin officially becomes a Master's student

July 2021

Bui Lab welcomes two new undergraduate volunteers; Phuong and Nicolai.

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